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Exterior Features

Pop-Up Mini

Pop-Up Midi

Pop-Up Maxi

Passenger Accessibility

Our cabins are designed to ensure easy passenger access. We know that delivery drivers are likely to enter a vehicle over 30 times a day. From keyless entry, to door height we’ve engineered each model with drivers in mind.

Horizontal Parking Capability

Our vehicles are designed to fit in places where the traditional delivery vehicles can’t. We kept the length of our vehicles short enough to back up into a city side-walk, allowing drivers more parking options without disturbing oncoming traffic. 

Turning Radius

Our pop-up model is designed to make even the narrowest of turns with a 3,7m U-turn capability.

Wall Plug Charging

You don't need to worry about charging stations. You can charge Pop-up in any wall plug.

Central Locking System

Each Musoshi is equipped with Remote Central Locking technology.

Trailer Hitch

Easily add trailer towing capabilities with our premium trailer hitch option. Electrical trailer hitch option also available.

Pop-up is designed

by logisticians for logisticians.

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