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We are a diverse team of dreamers and doers, collaborating together to co-create the ultimate last mile delivery ecosystem.

We believe in going the extra mile to make the last mile a perfect one.



fleet owners

Musoshi co-founder and CEO Gokalp Cak has led his family’s privately held logistics company Netlog for over two decades, making Cak an industry expert. Netlog, one of Europe’s leading logistics companies owns over 4,000 delivery vehicles, 112 logistic centers and employs over 13,000 people. Musoshi vehicles were initially created in house at Netlog as a responsible business solution to optimize the last-mile ecosystem. Musoshi’s fleet of EVs have been developed by a diverse team, all working to drive change, optimize the last-mile, and restore cities around the globe.

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Our Ambition

We are on the road to building the world’s first net-zero delivery ecosystem.


Last mile delivery EV’s


The whole net-zero delivery eco-system

At Musoshi we believe in restoring cities to their most authentic state. We believe in exhaust free morning commutes, bottle neck free traffic flows, we believe in harm free delivery that makes the planet a better place. We are that friend that returns items not only on time but better than we found it.


About Us

We believe in going the extra mile to make the last-mile a perfect one.

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