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Our obsession with restoring cities stems from our love for the people who inhabit them.

From the barista that greets you every morning, to the driver handing over your carefully packed groceries, these faces are the DNA of every great city.

Be an


Are you a community leader or small business committed to driving change?
Need help delivering goods to families in need? Or perhaps you’re a small start-up looking to make a big impact.

Please reach out and share your story with us. Our ElectricHero program was created to champion responsible citizens driving change in their local communities.

Tell us about your project at

We understand that sustainability requires relentless innovation and collaboration. Let’s work together to drive change and restore our cities.

We believe in leaving things better than we found them, including the cities we love. This mentality is what drives our goal towards net-positive mobility. Mobility that goes beyond the electric mile. This journey means partnering with private sectors, NGOs, and our customers.  Our battery take-back program is just the beginning of our journey to net-positivity.

Pop-Up Mini

The last-mile delivery hero. Our most popular model. Versatile, and functional.

Pop-Up Midi

Great for larger hauls and narrow passages.

Pop-Up Maxi

Extra space without the waste. Our largest model with the longest range.

Discover Our Vehicles

Let's Talk


Let's partner together to perfect our vehicles.

People and Planet

People & Planet

From cargo delivery to on-demand services we believe in optimized, harm-free delivery for the people and the planet. Climate change includes all of us and so does the path forward.

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