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Interior Features

Pop-Up Mini

Pop-Up Midi

Pop-Up Maxi

Panoramic View from Drivers Cabin

Both the driver seating position and the cabin windshield are designed to ensure the highest outside visibility.

Infotainment System 

Built in Apple Carplay and Android Auto interfaces enables connection of a smartphone to the infotainment system. 

3 USB Port Plug Entries

We know you can never go off-line during work which is why we’ve have equipped our vehicles with multiple USB ports.

 Door Windows

Our electric power windows make it easier for you to Exchange documents and enjoy fresh air

Our Seats

The user experience starts with the seat. This why we selected premium 3” cushioned seats with rotatable armrests. We take driver comfort seriously.

Folding Passenger Seat

When traveling alone, you might need that extra space next to your seat to stage deliveries for the next drop off point. Simply fold the passenger seat and voila! 

Multiple Document & Equipment Holding Area

Store documents and extra equipment easily with our easy to reach storage compartments.

Cup Holders

Enjoy your coffee or cold beverages using our ergonomically located cup holders.

Front Storage

This add-on box provides extra space for the small cargo boxes, envelopes, tools, equipment, groceries etc.

Roof Storage

Our roof storage feature makes it easy to load and unload any extra good you may need for your journey.

Console Storage

Push To Open Storage Locker. Easy to use storage locker to store your items securely and out of sight.

Cabin Heater

Driver cabin heater and heated windscreen are  standard features of Musoshi branded vehicles.

Stalk Control Unit

This innovative and all-in-one function control incorporates gear selection controls (DNR), lightning controls, wiper functions buttons and turn indicators.

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